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Here are some of the questions we get asked most often.

FPV drones, also known as First-Person View drones, are a type of drone where the pilot controls the drone while experiencing a first-person perspective as if they were onboard. This is achieved through a live video feed transmitted from a camera mounted on the drone to a headset or display worn by the pilot. FPV drones are popular for racing, aerial photography, and immersive recreational flying. They offer a unique flying experience, allowing pilots to maneuver the drone with precision and see the world from an aerial viewpoint. This technology has gained significant popularity in various applications, including competitive racing, exploration, and creative videography.

We guarantee a 2-day turnaround on drone video tours.

You receive a download link to the final video file send via email.

FPV drone video tours offer a complete, single-take view of properties, providing a clearer understanding of layout and size. They enable unique indoor footage, showcasing areas that traditional drones can’t access, thus offering a more comprehensive and engaging property presentation.

FPV drone video tours offer a fluid, immersive experience compared to point-and-click virtual tours, simulating the sensation of moving through the property. They capture continuous, uninterrupted footage, providing a more natural and realistic perspective. Additionally, FPV videos are quickly produced and highly shareable on social media, enhancing their effectiveness in real estate marketing.

We use privately built FPV mini drones that are small and lightweight. These drones are highly maneuverable and offer more precision and control than conventional flyers.

We comply with the EU Regulation 2019/947, which is applicable since December 30, 2020. Our drones are privately build and can fly in subcategory A1, which means almost everywhere, except over assemblies of people or areas that the state has forbidden.

As drone operators, we are registered with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Department of Civil Aviation in Cyprus.

We cover Paphos and Limassol districts.

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