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Here are some of the questions we get asked most often.

It usually takes 2 hours on-site.

We guarantee a 2-day turnaround on drone tour videos.

You receive a download link to the final video file send via email.

Drone tour videos are shot entirely in a single take, meaning viewers have a much better sense of the layout and size of the property. Moreover, you can get unique indoor shots that would be otherwise impossible with conventional drones.

Unlike point-and-click virtual tours where you need to click to get around, FPV drone tour videos are seamless one-take videos that make you feel like you are personally floating through space. Furthermore, FPV drone tour videos have a shorter turnaround time and are ideal for social media marketing.

We use custom-built FPV mini drones that are small and lightweight. These drones are highly maneuverable and offer more precision and control than conventional flyers.

We comply with the EU Regulation 2019/947, which is applicable since December 30, 2020. Our drones can fly in subcategory A1, which means almost everywhere, except over assemblies of people or areas that the state has forbidden.

As drone operators, we are registered with the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Department of Civil Aviation in Cyprus.

We cover Paphos and Limassol districts.

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