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Sell properties now with full experience drone tour videos

We fly drones indoors to create seamless single-take tour videos for real estate, businesses, hotels, resorts and more.

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Amargeti Village Estate
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Peyia Villa Garden Renovation
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Anogyra Bungalow
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Secret Valley Bungalow
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Tala Villa Garden Renovation 1
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Chrysoroyiatissa Monastery
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Eirini Canyon
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Avakas Gorge
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Benefits of our custom-build drones over conventional drones

Unique flying perspective

Our drones offer a bird’s eye view and allow us to get shots you cannot get with ordinary drones.

Improved flight safety

Our drones are small and lightweight, thus are much safer to operate around people and property.

Fly almost anywhere

Our drones can fly past trees, up stairwells, through hallways and rooms, and back into the sky.

“Nothing takes you there like this. It's as if you are walking through the front door then suddenly gliding over the dining table. They certainly offer the most unique aerial video service in Cyprus. Highly recommend!”
Steve Taylor
Real Estate Broker

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